Friday, June 29, 2012

Indianapolis Wedding Calligraphy: Navy Blue, Cream and Yellow

As promised in THIS previous post, here are some photos of the calligraphy done for Donald and Mallory's wedding reception.

The colors are a bit distorted in my photos. The lettering was done in a light, creamy yellow.

Photographer, Jessica Strickland, was kind enough to give me permission to post some of her wonderful images.  You can view more images from the wedding at Jessica's blog: HERE.

The beautiful wedding was planned by expert Darcie Kornmeyer of Circle City Planners

The talented Jill Sowder of Westwood Paper designed the couple's monogram and handled all the stationery for the big event.  

The escort cards, done in my Napa Design Style, not only directed guests to their tables, but guests were encouraged to write a note to the newlyweds and slip it into their escort envelope.  I created a sign that directed the guests to drop their escort cards into a vase as they entered the ballroom.  A great idea! 

Mallory + Donald {a wedding short} from Jet Kaiser Films on Vimeo.

The above film was created for Donald and Mallory by Jet Kaiser of Jet Kaiser Films. I think it's amazing - beautiful and touching. 

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