Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Calligraphy for Wedding Vows - Castle Ladyhawke

I had the pleasure of doing the calligraphy for a wonderful couple's wedding vows. 

When a bride hires and meets with me six months in advance, I know she's pretty special.  She purchased this red, leather journal in which she wanted me to letter her vows to her groom. She wanted to surprise him with the journal during the ceremony.

 I did a title page for posterity.

I did the vows in a modified version of my Napa style script. 

This lovely photo, as well as the first and last two photos were taken by the couple's photographer Terri Clark.  The couple purchased the digital copyrights.  The bride graciously gave me permission to use their images.

The groom was so surprised! He loved the journal.  In fact, they contacted me after the wedding to see if I could add his vows to the journal.  I did this page before adding the groom's vows on the following pages.

Every morning, I would begin my work day lettering a page of the groom's vows. Then I would set it aside to dry until the next morning.

I was a little sad when the project was complete.

The bride found this wonderful venue for the wedding - Castle Ladyhawke in North Carolina. I think it looks sooo cool!

The lovely couple!
Knowing they owned the copyrights, I added their names and wedding date to the image.
Thank you, Mira and Greg, for allowing me to participate in your wedding.
It was a delightful experience!
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