Available Design Styles

Design Style: Basic
Basic is my most economical design style. It is a very, basic Copperplate script. 

Design Style: Classic
Over the years I have developed my own Classic design style.  Classic incorporates my clients' most commonly requested elements.  It is a little more flourished than traditional Copperplate script, but it isn't too frilly or loopy.  Classic is an elegant look and is my most requested calligraphic design style.

Design Style: Napa
The first time I was asked to do this design was for a destination wedding in Napa, California, and I have referred to this design style as "Napa" ever since then.  Napa is the perfect design for those clients looking for something beautiful yet unique.  The Napa design is a little more contemporary.

Design Style: Lavish
For the Lavish design style, I pull out all the stops.  It is a highly ornamental and flourished calligraphic script.  Pictured here is an outer envelope, place cards and an invitation hand lettered in the Lavish design style.  Lavish can also be done on a slant or in a straight across format as pictured.  Lavish is for those clients wanting a real, ritzy jaw dropper to complete their invitations.

Splurge! is a hybrid. I've used some elements of my Classic Design Style and some elements of my Lavish Design Style.  I've also thrown in a few, new elements as well.  Splurge! is a lovely script that is light and airy. The Splurge! design style finds its place between traditional and nontraditional calligraphy.

Please see the "Pricing and Requirements" page for my rates and additional information.
Thank you!

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